With an all-consuming passion for music since childhood, Yo-One plays with records the way a pianist plays with notes and chords. Feeding off the energy of the crowd and the general atmosphere of the moment, each DJ set is unique. For Yo-One, music is a universal means of communication that unites us all under one single language, with no limits or borders.

After beginning his career in France, Yo-One relocated to the Caribbean, where he gained insight into new cultures, leading to a personal style versatile enough to satisfy Caribbean, Latin American or North American clients.

Meanwhile, his travels across the globe (St. Barts, New York, Miami, Paris, São Paulo, Bucarest, etc.) have enriched his musical culture and provided opportunities to share his extraordinary artistic world far and wide.

These days, his record collection is full of titles from all corners of the globe, allowing him to adapt to different places, moments and scenes. From soul and seventies disco to hip-hop, jazz or electronic, his DJ sets are a sure-fire invitation to take off to destinations unknown.

A first EP entitled Brand New Day, created under the original title The Hinge Project (Florent F & Yo-One Sutter), in collaboration with Brooklyn’s Mandel Turner, was released in May 2015 under the British label ISM Records. A second remix EP entitled El Coco came out in August 2015 under the label Kat Records.

Yo-One is now back in Paris with his multicultural record collection and ready to take the capital by storm.

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